Users mainly use Word files for documentary work on computer. Majority of us employs Microsoft Office Word to create and edit word document easily. According to our requirement, we need to use document file for writing articles, letters personally as well as professionally. Due to frequent use of Word files, huge number of documents are created and scattered in different location on the computer. Many times, we copy documents from one drive to another and download them repeatedly. But if you are not efficient in file management, hard disk of your computer will be cluttered with duplicate documents in some days. Finding of duplicate files among hundreds of file or in an entire drive is not an easy work. If you want to find and delete duplicate Word files manually, it becomes a challenge for you. To make this operation easy and quick, you should use a prominent tool such as Remo MORE.

It is an automated application that can find duplicate copies of Word document or any other files in a specific folder or complete drive. Removing those duplicate files, you will be benefited in various purposes. Accumulation of duplicate document continuously for a long time, wastes a huge amount of memory space on disk. If partition on disk is almost full and your system is slow down due to this reason, you can get rid of this issues by removing duplicate documents easily. This Remo MORE application will be most effective to find and delete duplicate Word files in a couple of minutes. If you keep your computer clean from duplicate copy of files, you need less time to search any file and performance of system will increase.

Duplicate Word files are created through different reasons. If you save a document with different name, you cannot identify the duplicate file manually. In that case, Remo MORE software will be useful to find and delete duplicate word files depending on their content. Occasionally, we download Word document from mail and can save different location on computer. Through repeated download, duplicate documents can be saved on your computer without your knowledge. Removal of additional copy of those files around the complete hard disk is not so simple manually. Use of Remo MORE utility will be handy for novice user also to delete duplicate files from PC.

This application is enriched with plenty of useful features to find and delete duplicate Word files from computer. You can carry out this operation on a selected folder or the complete drive in few minutes. After scanning, this tool will show you the list of duplicate Word files from where you can delete them selectively. The most amazing feature of this application is, it search for duplicate file by name and their content. Majority of users prefers this tool because of its easy user interface and its high performance in searching every time. Moreover, you can employ this application to remove duplicate Doc and DOCX files on both Windows and Mac computer.

Steps to Find and Delete Duplicate Word Files:

Step 1: Download & install this duplicate finder application on computer and launch it. Then, select "Remove Duplicates" option from "Optimize" tab.

Find and Delete Duplicate Word Files - Select Remove Duplicates Option

Fig 1: Select Remove Duplicates Option

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 or above version

Step 2: Now, select the file type as Word that you want to find and remove from computer. After that, click on "Scan" option to start searching of duplicate documents.

Remove Duplicate Word Documents - Search Duplicate Word Files

Fig 2: Search Duplicate Word Files

Step 3: Finally, after scanning all the duplicate files will be shown in a list. Here, you can select and delete the duplicate files easily as shown in Fig 3.

Find and Delete Duplicate Word Files - Select Files to Delete

Fig 3: Select Files to Delete

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 or above version

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