Microsoft Word Repair Recovery on Office 2007

Microsoft Word is a word processing program launched by Microsoft. It is the latest version which comes with hi-tech features. This version is one of the core members of Microsoft Office suite. MS word document is a compound file which comprises four basic parts such as embedded objects, content, header and summary. With this version of MS Word you can communicate more effectively with Smart Art diagrams and new charting tools. Word 2007 is very useful for making any type of document ranging from organizational charts to various academic projects. This version offers many features that were not available with MS Word 2003 such as new file types, powerful graphical user interface (GUI) and more visuals. It also has ribbon user interface that provides tabs and icons for easy functioning. Moreover, this version is completely based on the principle of art and science. Microsoft Word 2007 saves documents primarily with .docx extension. Word 2007 provides the latest feature of integrated security with which you can protect any critical document by providing a password. Sometimes, you may experience freezing of Word files, crashes or Word file efuses to open. This happens because of Word file corruption. The reasons which are responsible for Word file corruption are as follows:

Changing file format over and over again: If you have a tendency to change Word document from one format to another then your file is likely to get corrupted. Under this scenario, corruption takes place only when a document is converted from one format to another on a continuous basis. For example, if you change particular Word document from Word to Rtf to Word format or changing from Word to Excel and back to Word format. This file format changing process is known as file format cycling. Due to this reason your Word document gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible for further use.

Severe header corruption: File header of a Word document is an essential component as it gives out the details about a particular file. Header corruption takes place when your system abnormally shuts down at the time when Word file is in active mode. It may also happen when your deleted or lost files get recovered improperly. Under these two scenarios Header of your Word document gets corrupted which ultimately affects the file system of your Word file. However, you can employ this powerful tool to repair Word document encrypted due to severe Word header file corruptionwith ease. For more information, click here

Power surge: - Your Word file can get corrupted if there is a continuous power fluctuation. Power surge can affect your system severely and can damage the internal components of CPU. If there is sudden power failure at the time when your Word document is in active mode then there is lot of chances that it might get corrupted. If you face such situation, employ this application to repair your corrupt Word template effortlessly. To carry out this operation in simple steps, visit this link:

Using Third party applications: - Downloading and installing third party application from online may increases the risk of more virus attack. There are many third party applications which are not suitable to your existing Operating System. Once your Word document gets infected with any external threat then there is more probability that your Word file will get corrupted. Some of the dangerous virus can even alter the file structure of your particular document and making it inaccessible and unusable. However, one can restore Word documents from formatted hard drive of types SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc with ease. To know more information about the page, simply click here

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 or above version

Once your file gets corrupted, you will come across many error messages which will restrict you from accessing any Word document. Some of the prominent error messages are stated below:

  • Run-time error
  • Visual Basic Error – Object doesn’t support this property or method
  • Command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open
  • Subscript out of range

File corruption can be fixed easily by repairing Word files with the help of professional Word file fixing software. Therefore, if your file gets corrupted under above mentioned scenario then you don’t need to worry because MS Word document repair tool is always there for repairing all your corrupted and severely damaged Word files. This is one of the efficient tools which has unique feature of easy-to-use interface that helps in repairing MS Word DOCX files in an easy way. By the help of this application, you can fix all corrupted and severely damaged .doc and .docx files within a moment. Thus, this application can easily fix Word document with utmost ease. If your Microsoft Word application crashes due to some reasons like sudden system shutdown, power failures, viruses then also this software help you to fix Word document after crash with utmost ease.This tool has the ability to scan and extract text from damaged and corrupted Word file that refuses to open. This software works efficiently with all the latest versions of MS Word such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Thus, it can easily resolve all corruption issues related to MS Word 2003 by fixing Microsoft Office 2003 corrupted Word document. This utility is one of the best for detecting Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 file corruption issues and rectifying it by performing Word repair recovery on Office 2003 and easily perform Word text recovery on Office 2010. Not only this, but it is also compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System such as Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Moreover, due to its advanced algorithms it can efficiently fix corrupted Office 2010 files. Thus, it is the best corrupted Microsoft Office 2010 Word file fixing software.

Useful steps that will help you repair Word file are as follows:

Step 1: Download the free trial version of Word Repair Recovery software and Installit on your computer having Windows operating system. Open the software to launch the welcome window as shown in Figure 1

Recover Word  - Main Window

Figure 1 : Welcome Window

Step 2: Select "Browse" to choose the damaged Word file stored in your system. Once selected, click on "Repair" option to start the repairing process as shown in Figure 2

Repair Word file  - Select file to repair

Figure 2 : Browse and open the damaged Word file

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 or above version

Step 3: As soon as the repair process gets over, immediately a new window will appear on your screen where you will see "Click Here to preview file" option. Click on it and you can easily preview your repaired file in an organized manner as shown in Figure 3

Word file recovery - Preview screen shot

Figure 3 : Preview Repaired file Screen

Step 4: Click on "Save" button as soon as you are done with previewing repaired file. But for saving your repaired file, you need to select the location for storing it by clicking on "Browse" button. Once you selected a specific location, then click on Save button as shown in Figure 4

Repair Word file  - Save option screen shot

Figure 4 : Saving Repaired Word file Window

NOTE: - Demo version will provide you only preview option for previewing your repaired Word file. But you can’t save it as this option is unavailable in demo version. Therefore, if you want to save your repaired file then you have to purchase the full version of this software. Once you active the full version of then you can easily save repaired file by clicking on save button.

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, MS Office 2000 or above version



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